a foolproof flexibility

SunnyDock can be installed in all areas including protected and exposed sites with frequent waves and varying wind conditions due to flexibility of cubes.

SunnyDock cubes are adaptable to adverse weather conditions due to their flexibility on the waves.

SunnyDock modular dock system can be integrated into an existing dock; it can easily and quickly be installed and reformed.


The extreme simplicity of the design of the modular floating cube facilitates the adaptation of various types of anchoring and standard accessories such as mooring cleats, fenders, guardrails, ladders, etc.

ease of assembly

The assembly of modular floating cubes is extremely simple. Each SunnyDock cube has 4 ears on each angle which enable assembly by the connecting pins tightened by means of a locking key.

maximum flexibility

This foolproof flexibility is undeniably the great strength of these pontoons that can be installed in the open sea or any other body of water exposed to difficult conditions.

sectors of activity

The modularity of our SunnyDock floating cubes allows them to adapt to various water bodies in many sectors of activity: water sports, maintenance works, floating pool and bathing platform, tourism and event applications, etc. Whatever your project, you can trust the versatility of our sections to meet your most precise needs.

Water Sports
Floating Pool
Maintenance Works