RotoDock can respond to all applications on water. With its modular design and ease of use, RotoDock offers installation possibilities ranging from personal use to commercial applications, depending on the needs and the environmental conditions.

RotoDock, which is produced by rotation technology, has established itself as a preferred product in the industry due to its aesthetic appearance and environmentally friendly features.

Each part of the RotoDock is self-floating and can be easily installed with a connector unit called a coupler.


Our RotoDock pontoon sections are made of low density polyethylene. They are available in 4 standard, monobloc models, from which all configurations can be realized.

ease of assembly

The assembly of dock sections is carried out using couplers. Connection points consisting of pockets are located every 50 cm on all 4 sides of each section.

remarkable stability

The unique design of our pontoon sections is characterized by an alternation of a structured buoyancy chamber and open rooms which assures a flotation of 305 kg/m2.

sectors of activity

The modularity of our RotoDock sections allows them to adapt to various water bodies in many sectors of activity: water sports and recreation, maintenance works, boating and yachting, tourism and event applications, etc. Whatever your project, you can trust the versatility of our sections to meet your most precise needs.

Water Sports
Maintenance Works