Modern Marine Group is a Canadian Distributor for PMS Dock Marine Products.
We offer personal, commercial and industrial marine solutions.

Floating Docks: RotoDock

The floating docks we offer are fully modular. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, gangways and railings, they can fit any water bodies and projects.

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Drive-On Docks

Our drive-on docks make it easy both to dry moor and launch your boat. They easily adapt to the weight and size of any vessel.

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Jet Ski Docks

We offer different launching and dry-docking solutions for your jet ski. Each solution presents specific features and can be adapted to your location and needs.

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Floating Cubes: SunnyDock

Our modular docks made of floating cubes are very flexible and robust at the same time. You can customize them very easily with a wide range of accessories, gangways and railings.

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Looking for a Durable Long-Lasting Dock?

We can help you find the perfect configuration for your needs and budget!

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