drive-on dock

The Jet Port Plus® is a monobloc drive-on dock that allows easy parking of your machine.

It is equipped with 6 pockets to receive couplers or half couplers allowing connection to other ports or dock sections, as well as setting anchors and accessories.


A non-slip tread covers the entire length of the dock, right around the jet ski.


Our Jet Port® has a flotation capacity of 1005 kg.


Handle at the top of the port, also serving as a cleat.


The Jet Port Plus® can be secured to the wharf by combination of the following equipment:

• On the wharf: two telescopic aluminum brackets;

• Connection between the brackets on the dock and the platform: steel tube, with a 4-inch cross-section. The tube fits right into the telescopic bracket and slides into the dock’s anchoring area, letting it follow any possible tides.

The tube is:
• fixed to the telescopic bracket;
• screwed at the bottom using an anchorage bolt (it can also be struck);
• also equipped with a finishing cap.

To simply join your port to a floating dock in a marina using ropes or chains, we recommend you to add 2 stainless steel brackets at the head of ramp.

Anchoring on
Telescopic Brackets
Anchoring on Pipes
to be Screwed
Auger for
Manual Screwing
Stainless Steel